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Yellowstone Grizzly Issue

Dallas Safari Club believes that it is absolutely essential to the survival of wildlife and the preservation of wilderness to allow policy to be set by those who are trained and chosen, based on their expertise, to do so. This is but one battle in the Yellowstone grizzly controversy. It is far from

The Facts on Hunting the Markhor

The recent harvest of a Markhor in Pakistan caused outrage from anti-hunting groups. However, the facts surrounding Markhor hunting paint an entirely different picture. Markhor populations are rebounding across their range. Conservation through hunting is the reason.

Reopening Botswana for Hunting

Dallas Safari Club and the DSC Foundation congratulate both the government, and their people as they re-affirm the right of Botswana to determine what is best for their wildlife, their citizens, and their future.

DOI Celebrates Recovery of the Gray Wolf

In the latest win for science-based conservation, the DOI has reported that the lower 48 gray wolf population has "fully recovered across the Lower 48 states and no longer needs federal protection."

The CECIL Bill

The CECIL Bill is the most dangerous anti-hunting bill ever produced. If enacted, this bill would change the face of international hunting forever.

The Future of Botswana’s Elephant

We salute the efforts of Botswana's President Masisi as his administration looks to science-based wildlife management and considers reopening elephant hunting in their country.

The Truth Matters

We have all heard the saying perception is reality. Hunters are experiencing persecution based on emotions, not science, like never before. But the truth is that hunters are the true conservationists.