Dr. Cooney, International Union for Conservation of Nature Chair, focuses on biodiversity conservation.

Dr. Rosie Cooney’s work focuses on biodiversity conservation. She serves as Chair of The International Union for Conservation of Nature Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group, a global network of almost 300 leading experts in sustainable use of wild resources.

Her work focuses strongly on seeking approaches that both meet human needs and conserve biodiversity. Rosie holds first class Honors degrees in Zoology and in Law from the Australian National University, and a PhD in Zoology from Cambridge.

Dr. Rosie Cooney Video Series

What Are the Biggest Threats to Africa’s Wildlife?

If wildlife doesn’t have a place to live, everything else pales into insignificance.

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How Can We Make Conservation Viable?

In any situation where local people are living near wildlife, the solution to conserving wildlife and habitat has to be led by the local people.

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Why Not Simply Ban Hunting?

Bans are a convenient policy tool. Unfortunately, they come with a number of unintended consequences.

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What It’s Like to Live Amongst Predators

When people are cohabitating with wildlife, there are issues that need to be taken into consideration.

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What Does Sustainable Use Mean?

Sustainable use means using the components of biodiversity in a way that doesn’t lead to their long-term decline.

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What Can Hunters Do to Help?

Hunting organizations can help ensure high standards of hunting are observed in Africa.

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How Do You Explain Sustainable Use Conservation to People Who Don’t Understand?

There must be some benefit for people to cohabitate with wildlife, when there are numerous threats to their daily needs, their livelihoods and their existence.

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