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A Conservationist’s Cry

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Terry Anderson

How Hunting Saves Animals

Dallas Safari Club worked with Namibian wildlife officials to auction a hunt of a black rhino, the most endangered of the rhino species. They expected to raise as much as $1 million from the auction with 100 percent of the proceeds going to rhino conservation efforts.
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John Branch

The Ultimate Pursuit in Hunting: Sheep

Permits to hunt bighorn sheep are auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars — and that money has helped revive wild sheep populations and expand their territory.
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Paul Bedard

Zuckerberg: Animals taste better ‘when you’ve hunted them yourself’

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants people who eat meat to hunt for their own food, or at least get familiar with where their dinner lives.
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Shane Mahoney

Why Hunting Always Matters

Since our beginnings as a species, we have relied directly upon wild creatures for our survival. To sustain our lives and communities, it was inescapable that, like all natural phenomena, human beings would engage directly in the life-and-death struggles that mark the essential and irreducible truth of existence.
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DSC News

DSC, DSC Foundation, Frontline Foundation Fight Poaching
An article in The New York Times last fall highlighted the often forgotten dangers faced by individuals who put their lives at risk to help protect wildlife and end poaching in Africa.
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DSC and DSCF’s response to the Leopard petition
DSC and DSCF to Fish and Wildlife: African Leopard Up-Listing Not Warranted
DSC and DSC Foundation (DSCF) have joined a long list of conservation and hunting groups in submitting a united and official comment to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) for the Endangered Species Act (ESA) status review of the African leopard.
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In Response to Responsive Management- Hunters’ Contributions to U.S. Wildlife Conservation
“Hunters do nothing for conservation”.
That is a quote from a comment on DSC Foundation’s post about lion hunting and lion conservation. We all immediately recognize the absurdity of the comment, but it is often the default retort from the anti-hunting crowd and too often we let it slide without rebuttal.
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