In the absence of compelling reasons, grant applications must be submitted by August 1.  Applications submitted before the deadline, if complete and accompanied by all required documentation, will be considered as soon after the deadlines as is practical. Please note that submissions exceeding 30 pages in length, inclusive of supporting documents, will not be considered. The Foundation’s goal is to render decisions on all pending applications within 60 days of the deadlines, but circumstances and schedules will determine the actual determination timeline. DSC Foundation will disburse approved grants on terms and conditions acceptable to the Foundation.

DSCF does not acknowledge receipt of grant applications. If you desire an acknowledgement, please send your request to DSCF will notify all grant applicants once a decision has been made. Please do not contact the Foundation about the status of a pending application.

If you are unable to successfully submit an application online, please print, sign, scan and forward the application and supporting documents to