Our Mission

To serve the mission of DSC, the DSC Foundation funds grants from revenue from DSC Conventions, from funds raised from events both conducted by the Foundation and the DSC Chapters, and from direct contributions from individuals and entities that support and passionately believe in the mission of DSC.

Our job at the Foundation is to turn that mission and vision into ACTION. We have a documented history of doing exactly that, but this is an ongoing and constant demand, and for that, we need the help of committed and passionate sportsmen and sportswomen like you.

Our world is changing. Our proud hunting heritage, and even our outdoor way of life, are both under increased threat. The DSC Foundation is committed to building on our success, and further cementing our position as one of the world’s most influential Conservation, Hunting, and Educational Foundations.

We will never forget our Mission…

Mission Statement

The sole mission of the DSC Foundation is to serve the mission and vision of DSC

  1. To promote. Establish, and conduct science-based research supporting sustainable use wildlife conservation and the role of legal regulated hunting
  2. To create and maintain a library of primary and secondary research relating to wildlife conservation made available to the public
  3. To develop educational programs that promote the concept and benefits of sustainable use wildlife conservation and regulated hunting globally
  4. To provide grants otherwise partner with other charitable, educational, and governmental organizations pursuing the same or similar goals as to DSC


Clear evidence of the benefits that regulated, sustainable hunting provides is desperately needed. DSC Foundation supports a wide range of conservation initiatives such as scientific research on wildlife populations, antipoaching programs, habitat enhancement, and human wildlife conflict mitigation programs. Our anti-poaching efforts assist in the protection of over 26 million acres of wildlife habitat and keeps over 500 anti-poaching personnel in the field.


The DSC Foundation also provides grants for programs to engage and educate our youth and the general public on the undeniable benefits of Conservation Through Hunting. Enlightening the public, both hunters and non-hunters, about the value and benefits of hunting is absolutely critical to the future of hunting. Educating youth on the key conservation component that hunting fills, and the undeniable benefits to wildlife, wilderness and the communities who live and work among wildlife, both at home and abroad, ensures that those who follow will fully understand the important role that regulated, sustainable hunting plays in conservation.
Since its inception, DSC Foundation has made grants and funded mission-specific projects totaling in excess of $5,000,000.00.


The fight for hunting and hunters’ rights has never been more important and critical than it is at this very moment. DSC Foundation, through grants to organizations such as Conservation Force, Conservation Visions, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and others, and though our participation in and engagement with world conservation policy making bodies, plays a frontline role in protecting and preserving our hunting heritage

Spreading the Word

The proven model of Conservation Through Hunting™ is under attack by groups seeking to eliminate our sport through misinformation, most of which is driven by a political agenda. As a result, the DSC Foundation has taken a major role in creating a multi-faceted messaging campaign to educate the public about the benefits of big game hunting and value that hunting brings to local communities globally. DSC Foundation has provided millions of dollars in grants to support our mission around the world.