Mule Deer Foundation

Tex Creek WMA Fire Restoration

Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area is a 35,000-acre wildlife haven, resting upon the northwest foothills of the Caribou Mountain range, a short 15 miles from the growing community of Idaho Falls. This sage-steppe terrain provides the wintering grounds for mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk, and important habitat for Columbian sharptail grouse and numerous other species.

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A Hunters Quest

Hunter’s Dollars Impacting Education in Pakistan

The quest of a big game hunter around the globe, exploring the incredible lands and the amazing animals that inhabit them. Experience the thrill of free-range rifle hunting for the big five, the most difficult mountain animals, and the most unique species around the world.

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Mark Chesnut

Biden Administration Flip-Flops on Gray Wolf Management

Only a month ago, the Biden administration was in full agreement with that decision, even saying so in a court filing in a case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California seeking to relist the species. Now, however, the administration has done a complete about face, with the Department of the Interior, which oversees the USFWS, announcing on Sept. 15 that it will review the ESA status of the American gray wolf in the western states.
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A Conservationist’s Cry

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Paul Bedard

Zuckerberg: Animals taste better ‘when you’ve hunted them yourself’

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants people who eat meat to hunt for their own food, or at least get familiar with where their dinner lives.
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Shane Mahoney

Why Hunting Always Matters

Since our beginnings as a species, we have relied directly upon wild creatures for our survival. To sustain our lives and communities, it was inescapable that, like all natural phenomena, human beings would engage directly in the life-and-death struggles that mark the essential and irreducible truth of existence.
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Shane Mahoney

Should We Have Trophy Hunting in North America?

Shane Mahoney discusses the role that selectively harvesting mature animals, commonly referred to as trophy hunting, has played in conservation efforts throughout North America.
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Mikkel Legarth at TEDxCopenhagen

How the ban on lion hunting killed the lions

When it comes to animals, people’s behavior is usually driven by their emotions instead of facts and knowledge – it’s a behavior that can result in the exact opposite of what was intended.
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The Rhino Hunter

Back in 2014, Corey Knowlton paid $350,000 for a hunting trip to Namibia to shoot and kill an endangered species. He’s a professional hunter, who guides hunts all around the world, so going to Africa would be nothing new. The target on the other hand would be. And so too, he quickly found, would be the attention.
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Damian Carrington

Trophy hunting could help conserve lions, says Cecil the lion scientist

Trophy hunting could help conserve lions, according to the Oxford University scientist who had studied Cecil the lion for years before the animal was killed by an American dentist.
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Keith Aune, Glenn Plumb

The President Who Saved the American Bison

As the United States turned 100 on July 4, 1876, Theodore Roosevelt was nearing a milestone birthday of his own. Only a few months shy of 18, he’d seen his nation fulfill its original promise, maturing into a more functional form of democratic governance, perhaps most plainly—and painfully—reflected in the civil war that redefined the principles of freedom.
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Africa Geographic Editorial

Ex secretary-general of CITES calls for conservationists to support sustainable use of wildlife

South Africa will soon play host to CoP17 – the 17th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The fact that CITES’ 12-day global gathering is being held in the Southern African region is the best opportunity yet for the wider conservation community to free itself from the eco-colonialism that has taken hold of it, and embrace conservation rooted in the sustainable use of wildlife.
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DSC News

Article Calls Out Danger of Anti-Hunters Loving Animals to Death

Those who purposely mislead the public and blame hunting divert attention from real wildlife conservation threats. Dickman shares how anti-hunters are generally uninformed about major threats to wildlife, particularly human-wildlife conflict and habitat loss. Ignored is the fact that more habitat in Africa is protected in hunting reserves than in national parks.

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DSC, DSC Foundation, Frontline Foundation Fight Poaching
An article in The New York Times last fall highlighted the often forgotten dangers faced by individuals who put their lives at risk to help protect wildlife and end poaching in Africa.
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DSC and DSCF’s response to the Leopard petition
DSC and DSCF to Fish and Wildlife: African Leopard Up-Listing Not Warranted
DSC and DSC Foundation (DSCF) have joined a long list of conservation and hunting groups in submitting a united and official comment to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) for the Endangered Species Act (ESA) status review of the African leopard.
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In Response to Responsive Management- Hunters’ Contributions to U.S. Wildlife Conservation
“Hunters do nothing for conservation”.
That is a quote from a comment on DSC Foundation’s post about lion hunting and lion conservation. We all immediately recognize the absurdity of the comment, but it is often the default retort from the anti-hunting crowd and too often we let it slide without rebuttal.
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DSC, DSC Foundation Fight Poaching Through Grants For Aid, Training, Equipment
In 2016, Dallas Safari Club (DSC) and DSC Foundation (DSCF) have granted more than $100,000 for anti-poaching support, with more to come before year’s end.
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What Exactly does Lion Hunting Contribute to Lion Conservation?
Hunters, and particularly international big game hunters, are frequently asked to explain the benefits of regulated hunting, especially in the context of threatened or endangered species. To be fair, the hunting community has been largely ineffective in gathering and disseminating data to support what we all know to be true. The focus on the hunting of the African lion has intensified given the species’ up listing to Appendix II of CITES and the announcement of the concept of enhancement requirements that must be satisfied before any lion trophy can be legally imported into the United States.
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DSCF Grant Supports K9 Anti-Poaching Unit
DALLAS – DSC and DSC Foundation (DSCF) grants are once again going directly to funding conservation and anti-poaching activities for wildlife. DSC and DSCF granted funds to build and sustain the South African Rhino Protection Programme’s K9 unit, trained and housed at the South African Wildlife College (SAWC). The tracking dogs team with field rangers in finding and capturing suspected poachers.
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