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Wildlife and wilderness are in crisis mode around the world and the biggest threat is loss of habitat. Unless and until we can convince everyone of the irrefutable worth of wildlife and wilderness and establish its value – both tangible and intangible – we will continue to see the loss of wilderness and the resulting loss of wildlife. DSC Foundation understands that the hunting conservation movement has its detractors, but we also know that the facts, and the international community support the system and recognize its value. We must produce the scientific justification and support for the hunting conservation movement. We must educate the public on the benefits – to wildlife, wilderness and to local communities (often third world or extremely underprivileged), we must lead the challenge to refute the emotion-based, and factually deficient arguments against hunting that ultimately will cause more to harm wildlife and wilderness than lawful hunting ever will. We must be the standard bearer for ethical hunting and we must call out those who fail to uphold that standard. DSC Foundation is the charitable receiving and giving arm of DSC – our mission is the same as that of DSC, and our passion for hunting, for wildlife and pure wilderness and for the disadvantaged communities that share in the benefits of regulated hunting, is undeniable.

We envision a world that includes vast areas set aside and managed for wildlife in a way that preserves and promotes true wilderness and promotes a level of biodiversity that is under threat more and more every day. We believe that the current model of hunting concession and national parks is one to be supported and expanded. We believe that consumptive and non-consumptive tourism have their place and their benefits. We do not believe that non-consumptive tourism can ever replace the benefits offered and attained though hunting. We must educate the public and policymakers on our reasoning and rationale.

We can accomplish our goals by always remembering that the mission of DSC is to ensure the conservation of wildlife through public engagement, education and advocacy for well-regulated hunting and sustainable use and by judging our actions against the vision of DSC – a society that values wildlife, engages in its conservation and understands and supports the role of well-regulated hunting in the sustainable use of wild resources.

To achieve its goals and be an effective voice and advocate for sustainable use hunting and wildlife conservation that is so desperately needed in this modern age, the DSC Foundation needs your support. DSC Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Donations to DSC Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

The hunting community, and wildlife populations around the world are at a crossroad. We can do whatever is necessary to promote and protect a system that has proven itself over and over again, we can work to eliminate the scourge of poaching, and we can use our new found voice on the international stage. We can counter the misrepresentations and emotion based arguments. Or we can continue to do what we’ve always done and then bemoan the erosion or loss of hunting, wildlife and wild places. It’s a pretty easy choice.