Hunters CARE

The Hunters CARE program is the umbrella for all restricted donations made by financial supporters to the DSC Foundation. Hunters CARE allows a donor to direct their donation to a specific program of their choosing, as long as it supports the mission of Dallas Safari Club – conservation, education, and hunter advocacy.

Dallas Safari Club and DSC Foundation created the Hunters CARE program in early 2020. The initial aim of the Hunters CARE program was to provide emergency relief for hunting operators to assist with anti-poaching efforts during the Covid 19 pandemic, thus the name “Hunters CARE” – the Covid 19 Anti-poaching Relief Effort. Grants for anti-poaching under Hunters CARE helped to protect over 26 million acres of habitat in Africa and kept more than 500 anti-poaching personnel in the field. Hunters CARE has been re-branded as Conservation, Education Hunter Advocacy and it is now the banner under which all DSC Foundation directed grants are made.

Since its inception, DSC Foundation, with support from donors, Dallas Safari Club and DSC Chapters, has made over $5,000,000 in grants to support the DSC mission around the world, including North America. In addition to grants for anti-poaching programs, DSC Foundation has made grants for education for both youth and the general public, scientific research on topics including predator populations and trends, and game migration routes. DSC Foundation grants also support advocacy programs through distributions to organizations such as Conservation Force and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation.

Every grant made by the Foundation for the preceding two year period is described on the grants page of the DSC Foundation website

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Hunters CARE

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