A Bold New Direction

It has never been more apparent than it is today that local communities are the key to the future of wildlife conservation. How will they be motivated to protect the game? By bringing them value. We salute President Masisi for his decisions that benefit both the people and wildlife of Botswana.

The CITES COP Summary

"The callous willingness to situationally ignore science and bend to the pressure of anti-hunting NGO's must be challenged and changed." There were some overwhelming patterns at the recent CITES conference of the parties. DSC Executive Director Corey Mason sat down to tell us his thoughts.

The Winds of Change

The difference between the pro-hunting versus anti-hunting argument comes down to a mindset, one driven by ideology, the other backed by science.

A Time For Action

The future is upon us. The fate of the world's wildlife and the role the hunter-conservationist plays in that future hangs in the balance. The time for action is now.

Yellowstone Grizzly Issue

Dallas Safari Club believes that it is absolutely essential to the survival of wildlife and the preservation of wilderness to allow policy to be set by those who are trained and chosen, based on their expertise, to do so. This is but one battle in the Yellowstone grizzly controversy. It is far from

The Facts on Hunting the Markhor

The recent harvest of a Markhor in Pakistan caused outrage from anti-hunting groups. However, the facts surrounding Markhor hunting paint an entirely different picture. Markhor populations are rebounding across their range. Conservation through hunting is the reason.